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    Experts In Our Field

    XVergence is the expert in the field of Cloud Voice, also known as Hosted PBX. Our team is standing by to tackle your voice needs and exceed your expectations.

  • What businesses say about XVergence...

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    Global Non-Profit

    An international aid organization with 400 hundred phones.


    "XVergence saved the day! The XVergence team helped us deploy 400 phones and upgrade telecom circuits. Their team made it a much smoother process to move our phone system to the cloud." - Director Telecom Infrastructure

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    National Financial Firm

    Large call center shut off by carrier.


    "Our business grew faster than anticipated and our telecom service provider threatened to shut off our service. The XVergence team worked late into the night with a new provider. XVegence was able to move all of our long distance service to a new provider within 24hrs. Our service stayed up the entire time." - VP Call Center Operations

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    Software as a Service Organization

    Deployed 673 phones and a new WAN network across 4 locations.


    "Thank you XVergence team. All our employees are now a part of the office communications system, whether they work in one of our offices, at home, or remotely. This allows us to continue to be flexible which is a big part of our company identity." - CIO

  • About XVergence

    We are the Cloud Voice experts!

    We are experts in Cloud Voice procurement. We specialize in discovery and analysis, vendor selection, solution design, deployment, and ongoing management of Hosted PBX technology for mid-market and enterprise organizations.


    XVergence has been helping businesses deploy Hosted PBX solutions for the past decade. We have the bumps, scrapes, and bruises to prove it. Helping hundreds of businesses deploy Hosted PBX has allowed XVergence to become experts in analyzing organizations likes and dislikes of their telephony environment. We design and deploy custom Hosted Voice solutions with the top rated providers in today’s marketplace. Our support continues through the life of the service and beyond.

  • Shop Talk

    Commonly asked questions.

    What does XVergence do?

    We help mid market and enterprise businesses transition to Hosted PBX voice services in 4 ways. We act as technology advisers, brokers, project managers, and lifecycle support specialists cradle to grave.


    XVergence helps our clients rethink and reimagine ‘phone service’. We help our clients identify the right provider that can deliver reliable service customized for how they do business. We ensure that solution is delivered at aggressive price points with fair contract terms. Xvergence project manages every company and individual involved in the service deployment from contract submission to final sign-off. And our support extends beyond install, including help opening and managing trouble tickets, bill reviews and the natural flow of service updates throughout the life of the service.

    Why should we use XVergence?

    Nearly every mid-market and enterprise business has transitioned or will transition from a traditional hardware PBX to a Hosted PBX solution the next and final time their phone system ages past its useful life. Our decades long experience in the enterprise Cloud Voice market place gives our clients a unique advantage in addressing their necessary Cloud Voice transition. By leveraging our specialization, expertise, and relationships we help you make the right moves with less effort and risk throughout the discovery, purchasing, implementation, and life cycle stages.

    Does it cost more to have you help me buy and deploy a hosted PBX solution?

    We offer project and hourly based consulting services for some of our clients that only need our assistance on a more limited basis. In many cases and at our clients’ discretion we are able to defray most if not all of our costs by collecting payment from your eventual service provider without it impacting your costs of services. Hosted PBX service providers prefer partnering their internal resources with experts like us to ensure they are attracting and retaining customers that are truly best fits for each of their customized range of Cloud Voice solutions.

    Can XVergence help my organization?

    We help the mid-market to enterprise organization and specialize in helping clients who have complex network environments and global deployments. We can actually help all businesses.

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