• What is Cloud Voice?

    Hint: It's not hearing voices from the clouds. Although... Our kindergarten teachers did tell us to get our heads out of the clouds on numerous occasions.

  • Hosted PBX? Cloud Voice? What is it?

    Cloud Voice, also known as Hosted PBX, Cloud PBX, Hosted Phone System, or Cloud Phone, is a carrier hosted replacement of the traditional phone system you may already have in your office. It is easy to set up, maintain, and use, and you pay one fixed cost per month for unlimited use of many phone, video, and other communication capabilities.


    Cloud Voice offers a truly simple way for any business to quickly and easily move their phone system to the cloud, making it accessible from any location and any device…any time! Even better, it comes with so many features at no extra cost, like video conferencing, e-faxing, SMS, instant messaging, mobile applications, integrations to other applications like email, and many more. Best of all, the system is backed up at multiple data centers which means your business’s communications are always operational.


    Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

    Benefits of a cloud based contact center solution. The cloud-deployed CCaaS approach enables an organization to use the latest customer service technology without having to invest in acquiring or maintaining an on-premise solution.

    What is Hosted VoIP

    A Hosted VoIP (Cloud Voice) solution may be referred to as Hosted PBX, or simply a "hosted" system. A hosted VoIP system hosts your company’s telephony hardware off site at your Hosted VoIP provider’s data centre.

    Communication Is Everything

    Communication is more connected workers.

    Communication is more productive people.

    Communication is happier customers.

    When it comes to business, communication is everything.

    What are the benefits of a cloud phone system?

    Cloud services have the instant benefit of not relying on complex hardware.


    Cloud-powered phone solutions, such as RingCentral, offer benefits such as company wide communications, simplified management and reduced costs.

    The Rewards of Moving Communications to the Cloud

    4 IT leaders share how moving to cloud communications has transformed their business. Featuring IT execs from Shutterstock, ChenMed, Cayan and WMPH, and moderated by Blair Pleasant of UCStrategies, this panel discussion took place during an 8x8 hosted event at Enterprise Connect