• The XVergence Process

    We're a process driven company. Our flexible processes are designed to catch problems before they ever surface to clients. Our goal is for clients to experience a problem-free lifetime with our featured brands beginning with initial discovery and analysis, and continuing beyond implementation into day-to-day operation and management. When there is a problem, we catch it early and immediately begin remediation.

  • What makes our process different?

    We fix the problems! Usually before clients even notice they exist.

    Discovery and Analysis


    Identify the business and technological drivers that are motivating the organization to deploy a hosted phone solution. We will uncover the likes, dislikes, and wish list items regarding an organization's phone system.

    Design the solution


    XVergence helps clients rethink and reimagine ‘phone service’. During the design phase we will identify features, functionality, bandwidth, security, WAN, SD-WAN, business applications, and discuss the ideal situation for a Cloud PBX solution.

    Choose the vendor(s)


    With our assistance, clients identify the right provider or providers who can deliver reliable service customized for how they do business. We ensure that solution is delivered at aggressive price points with fair contract terms.

    Deploy the technology


    Our team project manages every company and individual involved in the service deployment from contract submission to final sign-off.

    Ongoing Management

    How long?

    XVergence support extends beyond install, including help opening and managing trouble tickets, bill reviews and the natural flow of service updates throughout the life of the service. We fix the problems!

  • The XVergence Passion

    We are passionate in helping clients deploy new technology solutions. We know how important your service providers and related technology services are in enabling your business for success in today’s converged services world. You can rely on our trusted team to assist with your most important and impactful decisions.